Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I hope you like clowns.

Sketches: OCD kid is eating an ice cream cone filled with purel hand sanitizer. Clown is exhibtionist. We also have a keplomatic nymphomaniac. (she steals penises) Guy humping the car is a necrophiliac, because the most reason people bang corpses is to have a partner who cant reject their advances. The weird lady is a play on how women fuck themselves up with plastic surgery, so I went animalistic with her features, cow udders, fish lips, raptor talons, huge eyes ect. Would be painted portrait style.
Then there are some more literal interpretations.(left) Weird pericings happening in a mirror. Trichotilomania (cant spell it, but you compulsively pull hairs out)schizophrenic. Next page (right) Megalomania, self loathing, necrophillia. ect.

I went with the most literal out of the computer sketches, because it was promising to be a super fun painting. The masturbating female clown. She is spotlit and at the circus. awesome.

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