Monday, November 1, 2010

a post with no art


my sketchbook this year fucking sucks. I don't know why, I don't know why my drawings are all fucking terrible. is it weird if I get insulted because people don't think I know how to draw people? because the sketches in my sketchbook are terrible. I dont think ive posted ONE thing from my carry around sketchbook. So i guess people think its safe to assume I cant draw people. but i can. this years sketchbook is just... so. bad.
I don't have any life drawing IN them to counteract the bad. I can draw. this year is tough. I feel like everyone in all of my classes is pulling ahead, and I'm floundering behind them in a pool of self doubt. Its a vicious cycle, you doubt, your drawings get more confused, and worse. I've been trying new techniques out, copying sketches, doing my own version of pieces. and its helping, but ...I'm just flummoxed.

totally venting to vent, not entirely implying that I need some hugboxing, but christ. I know there is something good and marginally talented in me, but its been turtling the last couple months.



  1. Could you post some of the sketches you've done, especially any very quick ones?

    I'm curious where you start when drawing people.

  2. i'll go digging around in my teachers pad thursday, i dont keep the life drawing I do while i TA. pain to carry around.

    I start with my gesture, lay in vaugely where the torso is, have the hips make sense, and then its a toss up between axis of the shoulders and head placement. measure top to bottom and have the legs be the correct length.

  3. I've rarely ventured further than a sketch for most of my work, but I usually find it useful to start any figure drawing with the feature that stands out the most

    ie is the hand in the foreground, then everything is built around that

    As for proportions, maybe spend less time worrying about what's "right" and more on what looks right

    Although, I might be completely wrong and counter-productive

  4. If it's a mindset/stress thing, then maybe that calls for a change in work music :D