Friday, December 17, 2010

Art Order Submission

Holiday Challenge!
Take one iconic element from the holidays (Abominable Snow Monster, Snowman, Santa, Krampus, Jack Frost, Santa's Elf, etc.) and do a riff on it. It can be fun and accesseble, or dark and horrible. It's wide open. This one is just for fun...


  1. There's something unsettling about the kid's's like it has some old-man elements. You definitely conveyed his obliviousness, though. And I dig the predatory plant.

  2. yeah Ive been having issues with the childlikeness. But Its wayyyyy closer than it was. During break i'll do some baby sketches to try and figure out the problem.

  3. reminds of this picture of gelbooru,
    warning : a terror beyond day9's trumpet dance

  4. baaahahah I just saw this. a littttle behind the times. but I just updated the img because they asked me for a high-res version so they could put it in the artbook!