Monday, March 5, 2012

just words.

So I watched this TED talk this weekend.
or rather, my boyfriend was sick, and subsequently discovered this in his roku-ramblings of sick-brain and had me watch it too.

And it got me thinking.

I am really prone to sneaky-hate-spirals. like, REALLY prone. And in the last two months its really been effecting (affecting?) my work ethic. I'll get the work done, but I'll kind of half-ass it until the day-before it's due. And while it doesnt look like complete garbage, it also is nowhere near to the best of my ability. Which is incredibly fucking frustrating.
Its a lack of inspiration and motivation, compounded upon being marginally depressed and anxious about getting a job once I graduate. (I'm also gross and mushy after four years of sedentary lifetyle, so that isnt helping with the whole 'mindset' thing.)

So i decided to at least try and attempt to do a few of these things.

3 Gratitudes: aka writing friendly thank-you notes to your social networks list
Random Acts of Kindness

Honestly I dont think I can come anywhere close to conditioning myself to doing all of those things every day. I'm too self centered. But damnit I'll at least attempt to try.

So here's my journal of the day. I wrote a thank-you facebook message to someone and am planning a second one out in my head. and its only 9 AM!

So I'm off to send a quick awkward penguin message to a teacher of mine and paint some motherfucking rocks. we'll see how today goes.

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