Friday, July 27, 2012

Selling stuff.

Amassing artz, prints and other items to sell en masse  for cheap (you pay shipping too though).  Trying to work up enough cash to buy a new Centiq monitor. To any streaming fans it'll mean I'll be streaming more!

Email me if you are interested in any of these and I can send you a more close  up version of the piece you're considering buying:

Alright, here we go.

Anything off this page ^ 15 bucks plus shipping.

Already mounted on foamcore, nice prints: Smallest size: 5 bucks, mid sizes:15. two large ones will be 25
Plus shippingz.

Any of these oil paintings: 60 bucks plus shipping.

Some of these are originals, most are prints: 10-15 bucks each plus shipping.
Another page of drawings will be up later 10-15 bucks each plus shipping. All originals.

Any of these oil paintings: 40 bucks plus shipping.

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